Semi-Diurnal Spaces

Semi-Diurnal Spaces is a site-specific, full-dome immersive installation in South Wales that utilizes local tidal and atmospheric data. The installation offers locals a meditative environment to connect with their nearby waterbody in a poetic, technological, and telepresent manner.

Real-time tidal patterns and atmospheric data, including wind and humidity, dynamically influence a digital NVIDIA FleX particle system. This site-specific data directly impacts gravitational forces, fluid viscosity, and flow rate within the dome, creating a living digital sculpture and audiovisual experience that resonates with the characteristics of the nearby channel.

Inspired by site visits to the South Wales coastal line and the collection of audiovisual materials, the project challenges the digital immersion by imagining that several handfuls of sand could surpass the digital particles in the immersive experience, prompting a meaningful connection with the real environment.

The installation was created using Touchdesigner Flex, DEFRA data feed, and audiovisual material collected from coastal sites.


Arts Council Wales


Nvidia Flex


Concept and Development: Studio Above&Below, Einar Fehrholz
Computational Development: Studio Above&Below
Sound Design: Einar Fehrholz
Film and Photography: Rhys Davies
Special & technical support: CULTVR Lab | Janire Najera, Matt Wright, Rhys Davies, Mauri Martin, Ieuan Watkins