Studio Above&Below
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Studio ABOVE & BELOW was founded by artists and designers Daria Jelonek and Perry-James Sugden. The studio focuses on interactive and immersive projects, based on hands-on research at the intersection of art, design and technology. Studio ABOVE & BELOW is specialising in the field of sustainable futures in which emerging technologies and code have the potential to improve our planet’s well being. 



The studio space is situated in Bermondsey, in the heart of London and deals as a space for large scale production, digital and physical experimentation and research. Through collaboration with engineers, builders and coders, the studio creates unique immersive and interactive installations using large scale moving image. Investigating into emerging technologies, their practice pushes the boundaries of regular uses of Augmented and Virtual Reality, projection mapping and large scale set designs.




In-depth research and meaningful sustainable concepts are at the heart of every project. Crafting immersive ways of storytelling allows to explode the regular consumption of academic knowledge. Not only showing this in the outcomes of projects, the studio writes academic texts, give talks and workshop about sustainable future designs - such as at Microsoft Cambridge, ICA London, Victoria&Albert Museum London, Bowarts London and the Royal College of Art London.