Meditative Cohabitation

Meditative Cohabitation is an immersive audio-visual exploration of multi-species communication within future cities, centred around Brussels. Utilising bioacoustic recordings and scans from the Marais Wiels, a biotope in the heart of the city, the installation invites the audience to engage in meditation amidst multi-species sounds and a responsive multi screen landscape.

The project envisions a redesign of screen technology to extend their functionality beyond serving human lifeforms. Using Games Engines and AI tools, the aim is to advocate for acknowledging interspecies realities in the design process and datasets, fostering empathy and purpose for advanced technologies to benefit non-human lifeforms.

Research and development involved creating a custom audio sensor, experimenting with Machine Learning sound classification tools, incorporating bioacoustic data into a virtual landscape, utilising 3D scans of local plant species, and generating real-time renderings of reactive 3D objects.



EMAP — European Media Art Platform
iMAL – Art Center for digital cultures & technology.


Custom audio sensor – Audio Classification Model
Unreal Engine



Concept: Studio Above&Below
Production: Studio Above&Below, iMAL
Sound Design: Yau Fan
Videography: Mind The Film
Staging support: Louanne Deltenre