Digital Atmosphere

Digital Atmosphere investigates a future in which clear air may be a reality through giving nature a new digital voice.

Digital Atmosphere is an Augmented Reality experience. The piece looks at how technology and art can illuminate the quality of our air, usually invisible to the naked eye, and bring us an urgent step closer to a sustainable, zero-emissions future.  At a time when the safety of our air is at the front and centre of our public consciousness, this digital installation is a timely technological and artistic endeavour.

Using digital and sensory technology, the Augmented Reality sculpture’s Atmo Sensor picks up the invisible change of air quality of the immediate environment, which is translated into an evocative visual simulation, visible to the viewer through the AR headset.

The experience includes a short introductory film, giving further depth to the project, and encouraging the user to visualise a sustainable, zero-carbon emissions future for our cities and shared environments.

“This new digital sculpture from Studio Above&Below is evocative, and has to be experienced by anyone interested in seeing the world in a new way. The research and international collaborative nature of this project lands in the exciting and innovative intersection between art, science and technology. We are proud supporters of Studio Above&Below and their work to push the boundaries of how technology and art can impact our everyday lives. ”

– Lee Nicholls, Near Now Studio


Near Now Fellowship




iOS Application
MagicLeap Application


Concept & Design: Studio Above&Below
Technical Development: Studio Above&Below
Sensor Production: INT Studio
Sound Design: Einar Fehrholz
DOP: Sam Travis, Joseph Ollman