Digital Atmosphere : Short Film

Digital Atmosphere is an ongoing investigation conducted by Studio Above&Below into the interference of the technology industry and its impact on the air which we share and breathe. It investigates into different atmospheric layers and reveals technology’s footprint on our surroundings. The investigation takes air and clouds as a starting point and catalysts to follow technology’s impact on the changing of our environment.

The film is part of our ongoing research into how technology invisibly interacts and impacts the environment and how we could change our behaviour if those interactions would be augmented in front of us. The film explores different layers of our atmosphere through the lens of a AR headset, following the principle of the power of 10 (starting in space, ending on the earth at an embodied cognition).  The video essays are made of 8 clips which can be watched individually, by chance or in one go, the visitor is thereby can lead through the different layers of atmospheres.






Concept & Design: Studio Above&Below
CGI: Studio Above&Below
Mentor: Ben Vickers