SÊMA - Bloomberg permanent installation


SÊMA - permanent interactive installation for bloomberg

SÊMA is an interactive art piece which was developed for Bloomberg’s new working space in London. Functioning as a room divider, SÊMA is not an ordinary wall which seperates people, more importantly brings people together through a transparent interactive communication way. Through activating a centred handle, the heart of the art work, a double pendulum within the wall, is set in motion. This pendulum includes magnets and effects therefore the position of the compass needles in the wall.

SÊMA was inspired by the Semaphore (telegraphy) line by Claude Chappe, which was one of the first communication tools before technologies such as the web 2.0, computer hard- and software or the phone.

SÊMA makes two essential natural laws visible and understandable: Magnetism and Gravity. We believe that understanding the surrounded world and their physics in a better way, leads to a better understanding of bigger issues as technology, politics and global communication. SÊMA not only displays these laws, it makes them experienceable through a hands-on interaction.

Softwares used: Sketchup, Cinema4D

Materials: Compass needles, acrylic, wood, magnets

Collaboration with: Bloomberg London, Optima, Kotaro Abe, Pierre Bottriaux, Rami Kanaan, Yena Park