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Merge is an immersive installation using 3D generated images, projection mapping and multiple fabric layers to create an holographic experience. Asked by oldest Shortfilm Festival in the world in Oberhausen Germany to create a large scale installation, the studio reacted and explored in a playful way the space between human beings and their surrounded technological devices.

We created a variety of abstract animations exploring the moment in time when human interact and merge with screen technologies in their everyday life, such as smartphones, computer screens, TV’s or the space within the cinema. We believe there is a special moment in time, in which we totally merge with for example our smartphones – in this point in time, we completely forget the world around us. This is something we want to highlight and explore in our work as technologies advance.
— Studio Above&Below’s founders Jelonek and Sugden express

Using Cinema4D, ZBrush and MadMapper, Merge shows a digitally sculpted bust, representing a head, and a fossil phone which encounter each other and create a space inbetween. A box filled with abstract shapes represents the enclosed space when humans completely merge with their devices. The last part of the projections show how the phone and the bust tear apart and result in fragments floating through time and space.

Artists and DJ’s, such as DJ Hell from Berlin the local Ruhrarea label Ana Ott and the festivals filmmaker DJs filled the space every night with different sounds and attracted a large number of people from all over the world.


Technologies: Cinema4D, ZBrush, Madmapper, Setdesign