Constructive Spaces



Constructive Spaces is a virtual reality exhibition which provides an experimental space where physical works by young artists were 3d scanned and curated in three virtually constructed spaces.

The studio 3D scanned artworks, which were exhibited in three virtual spaces using Oculus Rift and Google cardboards. The event itself had a large scale projection showing the different exhibition situations. The project can still be experienced in a WebVR space

Questioning the lack of space in large cities and materilaity in virtual spaces, Constructive Spaces was launched in December 2016 as the first Virtual Realitiy exhibition at ICA London and was staged in conjunction with Bloomberg New Contemporaries 2016. The collaborative project with other curators and artists from the Royal College of Art, consisted of different VR experiences, a talk and as a testing ground to discuss the audience’s experience, the artwork’s materiality and the future of exhibitions in virtual and phsyical spaces.

The project was co-curated by Cristina Vasilescu, Will Webster and Perry-James Sudgen, in collaboration with Daria Jelonek, Kate Gu and Nilz Källgren.


Technologies: Unity, 3D scanning, Cinema4D

London, UK: December 2016