Above The Surface

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Above The Surface Above The Surface is an Augmented Reality sculpture which proposes a new way of seeing, consuming and (re)producing objects. Based on a year long R&D commision by Collusion, the interactive artwork uses custom build AR goggles, recycled plastic as triggers and 3d printed objects to immerse the audience into a future in which technology and materials live in synch to create new ways of sustainably merging together.

The user is looking through AR goggles and sees digital skins hovering over the futuristic constellation of 5 objects, representing essential human needs: sleep, food, water, air and shelter. Overproduction is the second biggest polluter on our planet, a new way of seeing could help us to reuse objects rather than buying and accumulating more and more.

The interactive 5-minute-long audio-visual experience asks whether the digital world may be the future of sustainable consumption or if it will lead to negative effects, such as another billboard for advertisement, another platform for hacking or the loss of important and healthy tactility. “This is mesmerizing and thought provoking” one of the 1700 visitors at the showcase in Cambridge expressed.

Technologies: Unity, Cinema4D, Leap Motion, 3d printing, video, projection

Cambridge, UK: April 2019