A Million A Minute


A Million A Minute was one of the finalist projects at the 'Wired Creative Hack Award' 2017. This project was selected as one of the finalist out of 437 summited projects. 


We dislike overproduction and overconsumption which leads to waste. We dislike A Million Cups A Minute which land in our ocean. We love the power of dreams, imagination and sharing in the digital and the virtual space.

Hack means for us to use the digital world as a good and shift people’s behaviour of mass consumption. We don’t need another cup, another pair of shoes, the 5th shampoo in our bathroom - we need a new sustainable way to fulfil our desires. These desires can be fulfilled with imagination and new experiences around essential objects rather than through the consumption of more and more objects.

We believe in creating a new alternative future with the power of speculation and reality technologies to create a shift in the experience of desires around consumption. “A Million A Minute” is a movement and an ongoing art & technology research into how new reality technologies help to share experiences and desires through Augmented Reality to avoid accumulating of wasteful things


Wired Japan, Shibuya, Japan & Bow Arts, London 2017